We are young animation studio based in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. We provide a wide range of services in computer graphics and animation. We create modern graphics, 2D animations, 3D animations and even their combinations.

  • Don't want to waste money on agencies?
  • Thinking about running a marketing campaign, but lacking ideas?
  • Want to create a corporate mascot?
  • Want to introduce your business in a simple animated video?
  • Want to see what your product would look like before the actual production?
  • Looking for a way to reach your customers?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, contact us. We can arrange a meeting and find the best way to help you.



2D/3D animation
realistic 3D animation
product animation


MASCOTS/CHARACTERS - Would you like to have your own corporate mascot? A character for 3D print? Or do you need complex characters for posters, visuals or animation? Creating mascots and characters is a daily routine for us. Our long-time client, the largest e-shop in the Czech Republic, knows the importance of mascots in marketing. We created most of the well-known animations of their alien mascot. Alzak is already a legend.

2D/3D ANIMATION - 2D means something is flat. 3D means something is spatial. If you bring life to flat or spatial graphics, animation is created. Every good animated video can tell the customer exactly what you need. Are you interested in your own animation?

VISUALIZATION - Visualizations are graphic representations of realistically looking architecture or products. Computer graphics offer great tools to imitate realistic scenes you can use for visualizations of houses, products or other objects. With high-quality visualization, you can hardly tell the difference from a real photo. And your product deserves quality visualization!

ILLUSTRATION - Illustration transforms an idea into drawings or simple graphic elements. In computer graphics, illustration is used to create characters or abstract elements (shapes, icons or logos). It can also be used in books, comics, print, banners, leaflets, magazines, billboards.

REALISTIC 3D ANIMATION - Animation created by using 3D objects. The result is a realistic-looking video. Cars, laptops, mobiles and many other products can be created with realistic 3D animation.

PRODUCT ANIMATION - Would you like to create interesting shots of your product, but it is not possible to catch it on camera? Product animations let you peek through the product or break it down into parts and show what it consists of. Your customer will see your product in a completely new view.


We will discuss
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We will suggest a solution for your project for free
We will agree on the project
An advance invoice is paid
We will complete a project that you get on time and in the best quality
You approve the first project previews
We start production of the project.
We create, create, create
Together we will evaluate how you enjoyed the cooperation
The rest of the payment is paid
The project will be launched



"The fun, artistically and technically precisely designed character of Professor OKAY has become a favorite of our company and our customers. Prague's leaf-animation studio fulfilled this difficult task based on our often not very specific requirements. Only a professional, technically excellently prepared and time flexible company can have such a long-term high standard performance in the difficult conditions of commercial projects. Thank you guys, you’re the best!" Miroslav Toman - Art director OKAY s. r. o.

"I am very satisfied with the services and products of leaf-animation company, which delivered to us the animated logo in high quality within a short time and with good value for money. I recommend this company. They are real professionals who know what they do and they do it with their hearts!" Václav Král

"I have to say that I am very creative and I usually have a clear vision about what I want. But the guys from leaf-animation, headed by Lukáš Zahrádka, really surpassed my imagination. The cooperation went smoothly before we got all the details. They created 2D and 3D logo, animation, etc. Great job! :) I can really recommend them!" Slavomír Miškovec

"Making creative animations that are eye-catchy and attract new customers. That's what the company leaf-animation does. We recommend working with the company. You can count on them!" Martin Kolenička - owner of HCA Brno

"In August 2018, the company prepared animations for my Smart Network club. I really recommend their work. They are creative. They try to understand the client and they do it to the last detail according to my wishes. They've made several versions and we're going to make a video soon. Approach them and you won't regret it!" Gabriela Mrkvicová - founder of Smartnetwork



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